This journey was kicked off by the arrest of Fahim Alam for ‘violent disorder’ after which he spent 6 weeks in prison on remand, and 6 months on bail subject to wearing an ankle tag and an electronically monitored curfew. By the time of his trial, Fahim had filmed most of the footage for the film (whilst on bail). Nearly a year after his acquittal in March 2013, he launched the film to the public via a Grand Launch Night like no other.



On a cold and rainy Saturday evening, hundreds of people patiently queued up outside East London’s infamous York Hall to witness a spectacle of music, discussion, debate and more.

The film was screened to the public at this event for the very first time, and was followed by a fiery and historically unprecedented discussion between Professor Paul Gilroy, Kingsley Daley (Akala), Zena Edwards, Imran Khan, Steaz, Sonny Green, Sara El Sheekh, Salim Ormanli, Ed Greens and members of the audience. (The footage of this discussion will be coming soon on VoiceOverTV; subscribe for updates).



The event was hosted by Fahim Alam who delivered a speech to introduce the film, and also shared some insight into the making of the documentary and the incredible journey of producing a feature-length film, completely independently, with no funding or infrastructure support.

Riots Reframed then went on to screen in almost 60 different locations, across London, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada and New Zealand, in around two years. We have formed partnerships to pull together all of these events and Fahim has been present to speak and discuss at all but a few of them, forging together an independent and remarkable tour to project the film and its messages directly to thousands of people across the world. This has ensured the building of a strong foundation to the history of Riots Reframed, whereby dozens of events, discussions and other processes have been generated from screenings, including through schools, community organisations, theatres, universities, grassroots groups, festivals and more. The film has spurred organic interest from every single continent on the globe with requests for the film’s presence from far and wide, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, the USA, France, Australia and more.



Fahim has also been busy involved in promoting the film and related ideas through newspaper, radio and television interviews and appearances; writing articles and book entries; giving public addresses; taking part in discussions and debates; delivering workshops; and teaching in schools; whilst manufacturing power for future projects and building VoiceOver as a resistant and independent media infrastructure.

Every single event has been remarkable in different ways and is the starting point for a historical legacy that will continue to build through the imminent DVD release and future projects.

This year, we launched our new channel, VoiceOverTV, which will host most new content including the Grand Launch Night footage and other exclusive clips. We’ve had to build from scratch away from the old channel, but we continue to grow, so please subscribe to keep up-to-date with our future work.

VoiceOver and Fahim Alam would like to thank every individual and organisation that has interacted with, taken part in and supported this journey towards bringing it to where it is today. This project and future works that will stem from it, have only been made possible through collective struggle and effort, and we will continue to work hard to render all of this energy into meaningful movements. Thank you for stoking the flames.

If you have any press queries, or would like to contact us for any other reason, please feel free to get in touch.